We are honest, straightforward and confident in our capabilities, asking questions to get to the root of your challenge to help craft the right solution. Some of us are the creative kinds, passionate about building fantastic user experiences; while some prefer to dive deep into technology and architect creative software designs; then there are the disciplined and fact-focused types who ensure software projects are completed on time and all checklist items are crossed off. Our guiding principles are central to our day to day interactions with our clients, partners, employees, and suppliers.

We believe there is no other way to measure our success. We know that growth and accolades can only come if we’ve managed to play a part in making our client successful. We demonstrate the following traits at all times to strive toward this goal:

  • Work as a partner to create synergy
  • Stay focused on deliverables at all times
  • Attempt to always exceed client expectations
  • Always seek answers when you don’t have one
  • Take on challenges, the company is there to help you

Our business is all about harnessing the knowledge and experience vested in our employees. People who are associated with us understand and appreciate the responsibilities placed on them. The following traits define our commitment toward work deliverables:

  • Commitment to the client is valuable
  • Knowledge and experience is only appreciated in action
  • Responsibility and knowledge are gained by spending time to thoroughly understand a chall

We constantly seek better, faster and more cost effective solutions to our client’s problem. We know and appreciate the trust our clients have placed on our expertise and experience, striving each day to find better ways to do things. The following traits exemplify our attempts to continuously improve ourselves:

  • Spend 10% of time innovating newer and better ways of doing things
  • Always challenge the norm
  • Work in teams and seek new ideas through brainstorming with team members

The world has gotten smaller, and our business requires constant interaction with individuals from various beliefs, cultures, preferences and races. Understanding and acceptance of this individuality is at the core of our practice. We ensure this by demonstrating the following traits at all times:

  • Take the time and effort to appreciate an individual’s culture and way of life that may differ from yours
  • Be quietly confident in your ability, and quick to learn from others, respecting and learning from your differences
  • Be clear, concise and honest while communicating with people

Over the years, we have borne witness to the game changers and market disrupters who’ve left their mark on the industry. Through all of these changes, we have stood strong in our unswerving commitment to offer our best, honest efforts to each client we serve. The following are values that guide the decisions we make and represent who we are and who we want to be:

  • Unwavering integrity
  • Sensitivity in action
  • Open and honest communications
  • Unrelenting efforts towards perfection

Other Values

Pingaksho enable organizations to charter and execute a course to grow and compete, enabled with the ‘Next’ in technology. Our solutions help you transform into a nimble, highly competitive and fast-growing organization – the ‘Next’ enterprise you aim to become. The Pingaksho team is comprised of individuals with deep knowledge of today’s top technology trends such as mobile, cloud, analytics, multi-channel commerce, and collaboration. We have enabled companies across industries including software technology, healthcare, communications, energy & utilities, engineering & construction, financial services, life sciences, and technology manufacturing. Our software consulting, development and outsourcing services leverage our strengths as outlined.

We plan and execute every software project down to the last detail. There is no hidden agenda in our communication. Our experienced team believes in designing and building software only once after thoroughly testing the technology. We accept challenges in surpassing the boundaries of our own experience. We do not believe in unreliable timelines and estimates. We believe in resolving potential risks from unknown through proofs-of-concept and use an iterative approach to be progressive in delivering our solutions.

Building solutions truly requires insight into the needs of the client’s industry to understand how the solution should address the business challenge and empower the end-user. Our industry-specific focus enables us to make insightful contributions to our client engagements and build better solutions.

Software usability is a key determining factor in user acceptance. We believe in people-centric design and aim to present users high-fidelity solutions complimented by functional richness. We ask questions to better understand usage scenarios and aim to make user interactions intuitive. We challenge ourselves to continually push the creativity envelope in an effort to perfect a unique end-user experience.

While it is paramount to meet end-user expectations of fidelity and functionality, we believe it is economically unwise to build software incapable of adapting to dynamic business and technology environments. Strong design and architecture for extensibility and scalability are at the foundation of our solutions.

We are constantly looking at ways to enable smarter software solutions for our clients. Our internal R&D teams develop frameworks, accelerators and tools to benefit client engagements. We partner with leading technology companies, leveraging their products and solutions, to help us speed time-to-market, add rich functional and technical solution capabilities, and deliver great end-user experiences.